Sexism in common ads

This ad clearly conveys a very sexist theme by showing an “in-shape” female holding her “female” area.  The picture shows that by buying these jeans, a female becomes equal to a male.  While not directly saying that you can tell that this is what the ad meant.  The ad used Cultural Construction in a way that makes women seem boring compared to men hence the pun Ballsy which is a pun to the male genitalia.



Ad Analysis


McDonald’s gave their ad a more kid friendly appearance by making the burger look like a piece of candy. This ad for McDonald’s is used to get people to buy more Happy Meals.  When small children see the ad they think of candy at first, but when you bring the McDonald’s colors into play they start to want McDonald’s as well.  Usually when the child wants McDonald’s the parents may subconsciously decide that they also would like to eat McDonald’s, so they are more or less doubling their profit.  When looking at the “candy” burger it almost looks more neatly made and the wrapper makes it look bigger than what it really is.  However because you see a more attractive burger on the advertisement you tend to not think about what the burger really looks like when you actually get the real burger.



A sense of place

People’s possessions can say a lot about how they really are deep inside.  For example people who’s most loved possession is a “Jesus piece” would probably be a really religious and calm person.  While a person with a possession of a “lucky coin” would probably be more superstitious and lively.  I for one agree with the words Joan Khon, If I were to lose a possession of mine that I felt was very important I would be very distraught and upset.  I’m not sure if this is healthy because it’s almost like having your possessions dictate your mood. The picture of the room below appeals to me.  It’s very small and simple but everything is close and its very compact. Based of off the rooms feature I can tell that the person living here is probably a gamer and active.the-block2


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My Way of Life

My neighborhood wasn’t really all that dangerous growing up.  However with that being said it still wasn’t the safest, not by far.  As a kid my house was broken into two times each time they robbers stole more.  I didn’t realize what was going on at the time because I was so young.  Now that I’m able to look back on it I realize how traumatic that experience could’ve been.  I remember after the two incidents we finally decided to get ADT Home Security.  After we had that installed we never had a problem like that again.

My neighborhood had my elementary school perfectly in the center of.  Which was convenient because we lived right across the street from the school.  It’s really crazy thinking about it now because despite how close we lived from the school I rarely ever walked there.  My mom always felt the need to drive me to and from school.  Honestly it was pretty annoying because all of the kids there would tease me for it.  Although I didn’t really mind it too much because that helped me to meet new people.

The school that I went to had a playground outside it for recess.  The playground was only supposed to be used during school hours and was only meant for the kids that attended that school.  Not many people paid attention to that, if any did at all.  That’s not saying that the kids in my neighborhood were rebellious but they could be “hard-headed” sometimes